dalia textil bvbaDALIA TEXTIL offers three different export qualities of second hand clothing. The second hand clothes are neatly packed in bales or plastic bags and shipped in containers or transported by trucks.

CREAM QUALITY :  – winter & summer: Boutique quality for Europe & Eastern Europe countries(Poland, Russia….)

  • second hand clothes with superior quality brands
  • ensures high fashionable clothes

Export quality – No. 1: Summer clothes for Africa

  • specifically aimed at the African markets
  • fashionable clothing with designer clothes included
  • well sorted, carefully examined, without stains or tears
  • first choice for the African market

Export quality – No. 2: Summer clothes for Africa

  • specifically aimed at the African markets
  • clean summer clothes, without cracks or faults

When you have specific wishes concerning the kind of clothes you want, we can provide them for you, pressed in bales, packed in bags or bigbags….

The client’s demand is our service

Textile waste(chiffon) :  INDIAN MARKET

Textile waste, cotton, white, color, jeans, wool, knitted,  etc. for the INDIAN market

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